zondag 31 oktober 2010

Dress Republic

The webshop Dress Republic is in one word a beautiful world where dresses take the overtone. You will find dresses that you can wear on a normal day, but also when you are going to a party. They are multifunctional. That makes this webshop so special. You see cocktaildress, little black dresses, party dresses and many more. When you are searching for an unique dress I would definitely suggest that you take a look at Dress Republic. They don't buy the dresses massive in. So you can be sure that the dress is unique.

Not only the dresses are worth watching. Also the accessories are gorgeous. Especially the rings and necklaces. They are very original and will make your outfit complete. Because of the colors of these accessories they will pop out when you are wearing them.
I really love this webshop because of there wide range of products but also because the delivery in the Netherlands is free.
Take a look at the webshop of Dress Republic to get inspired.

zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

Unwearable Shoes

The British department store Selfridges in London is not only known for their brands, but also for their show windows. In honor of the new shoe department, the biggest of the world, there is a lot to see in their show windows.

To the Dutch artists Lernert and Sander the honor to organize the windows. Lernert and Sander were free to give their creative interpretation of shoes. Brooms, dishwashers and closets were converted into real art.

vrijdag 29 oktober 2010

Anna Hathaway For Fall Romance

Anna Hathaway looks gorgeous in her spread in the Vogue of November. She looks like Audrey Hepburn on some photos.

donderdag 28 oktober 2010

Warm Feet During The Winter

Do you want to wear your high heels or ballerinas in the winter? You know it is very cold without a panty. Another solution is to wear socks in your shoes. You have warm feet and you look fashionable at the same time.

woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Self-Inking Dress

Dutch fashion designer Anouk Wipprecht shows, during the Vienna Fashion Week, a self-inking dress made of the mineral Pseudomorph.

This exclusive dress colors itself by means of a electronic system in the neckline. From the moment the system is active, paint flows though the dress. The colored liquid flows through tubes in the extra thick, felt dress so there arises a unique pattern. The movements, fit and the accidence define the color pattern.

The video below shows how this system works.

dinsdag 26 oktober 2010

Gloves On

It is time to put your gloves back on. In the Netherlands it is very cold outside and in the morning when you are on your bicycle your hands get very cold.
To get warm hands and to inspire you. I have selected a few gloves for you.

But first a few rules for the perfect gloves:
-Keep it simple, go for soft leather or suede.
-Go elbow-length, leave long or scrunch down your forearm.
-Colourwise, anything goes, from metallics and two-tone styles to subtle shades.
-Classic black is still a winner.

maandag 25 oktober 2010

The Camel Coat

According to the international fashion press is camel definitely the new black. With a camel coat on you, you are really on trend this season.

The original camel coat was made of camel hair but nowadays only the name refers to this animal. For every budget there is a perfect camel coat.

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Different Looks In Chinese Vogue

Photographer Max Vadukul and stylist Nicoletta Santoro show two different sides of the models Karlie Kloss and Patricia van der Vliet. The two models shine in the November issue of the Chinese Vogue. On the cover the girls are shown as two sweet girls in outfits of Louis Vuitton. But their editorial inside tells a different story. Dressed in shades of red and long wigs. The two girls are completely different.

zaterdag 23 oktober 2010

Gianfranco Ferre For Coca Cola

Gianfranco Ferre is the newest desginer who create a special bottle for Coca Cola. He follows up Manolo Blahnik and Karl Lagerfel. Tommaso and Roberto, creative directors of Gianfranco Ferre designed four special bottles. The bottles are designed for the 'Tribute to Fashion' charity event organized by Coca Cola Italy.

vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Country Road Fashion

The Australain label Country Road have really upped their strategy over the past few years. They design luxury basics, but also injected a higher dose of uniqueness, trendability and detail to their collections. Their winter 2010 collection offers a delicate line between classic and trendy. I particular love one look, the sporty luxe look. Country Road found it in noncholant marl grey sweatpants. This pants are perfectly paired with tan leather.

donderdag 21 oktober 2010

The Bag In The Central

This campaign of Louis Vuitton is stunning. The bag is in the central of the campaign. The model who featured in this campaign is Sofia Coppola and the photos were taken by Andrew Durham.

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

Adorable Photos From Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen has always been my favorite of the Olsen Twins. In the photos for the Marie Claire and ELLE UK she looks adorable.

dinsdag 19 oktober 2010

Piet Paris Exhibition

This weekend a friend and I went to the exhibition of fashion illustrator Piet Paris in Amsterdam. Piet Paris is my favorite fashion illustrator and I love to see all his illustrations.
It was because of his 20 years anniversary as a fashion illustrator.
In this case photos say more than words.