dinsdag 4 januari 2011

Marloes Horst Shines With Max Mara

After she features in the campaign of Calvin Klein Marloes Horst shines for Max Mara.
She is wearing padded jackets and parka’s in the spring campaign for Max Mara.
When I see these photos, I have to say that she really pops out from the yellow background.

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jemina zei

I want that jacket, that is so BRILLIANT!!!


Lyana zei

I'm usually not a fan of padded stuff because it makes the body look bulky, but these design don't look half bad actually.

The white cabbage zei

nice post, and interesting blog!

i love the last photo.

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ciao ave

Natalie Suarez zei

beautiful images! great photos! :)


Lia Waroka Putri zei

the ones with yellow background are my favorite. so stunning! =D

Lee Oliveira zei

I love padded stuff.. shame that Australia is too hot for it
Gorgeous campaign.. great colours

Agora tô pronta zei

Great photos, i liked *-*

Dodo zei

Gewaagd zo'n gele achtergrond!
En meer mensen zeiden dat het anders was dan waar ze me normaal in zien :P Mss omdat het rustiger is ofzo :p

Agora tô pronta zei

thanks for visiting]

Moniek zei

Mooi, vooral 2 en 6!

Amber zei

I love your blog! xo



Nieuwe lakje staat op m'n blog ;)

Ik ontvang ze van het persbureau, sta daar al een tijd ingeschreven omdat ik ook freelancer ben.

Ik zit te denken om met winacties te beginnen, dus misschien ga ik de lakjes wel weg geven ;)

Had je de mail van Mila gehad?

My Republic of Fashion zei

I love that pop of yellow background! I need to invest in something padded. Loving all of these. :)SArahD

Ronisha zei

love this post :)))


kirstyb zei

love those shots

N▲hn▲ zei

very inspirational <3

Fanny zei

de jas is prachtig, ik zou hem ook dragen ! x


matchboxmuse zei

gorgeous collection! the red hoodie looks fabulous, thanks for sharing :) have a great year by the way!!

love, M

minnja zei

I love it! So beautiful!



A. M. A. zei

I loved!!!


DeVero zei

I don't know if they are my style but I like that red one ;)



The quilting is so chic :)

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