maandag 28 februari 2011

Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty

Most of us have to wait for Alexander McQueen's retrospective, 'Savage Beauty' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute to open on May 4th in New York. But one of the icons in the fashion industry Anna Wintour have blesses us with a sneakpeak. The Vogue editor hosted a preview event at the Ritz in New York yesterday morning that was attented by Sarah Burton.
The pieces that were photographed for the exhibit catalogue by Sølve Sundsbø used live models who were digitally altered to look like mannequins. This gives the clothing movement. It looks absolutely incredible and I am thinking about buying a ticket to New York to see it in real life.

Alexander McQueen still is one of my favorite designers and I love this photos. They really inspire me and I hope they will also inspire you!

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Jelka zei

Oh I love Alexander McQueen his clothes, awesome! I want to go to London now haha :)

The white cabbage zei

he was a great !
I can't stand people remembering him just for the skull scarf or ring


Lee Oliveira zei

I love McQueen world.. Still and always will be inspiring
Lee x

LucieL zei

this collection is soooooo amazing!!! Gorgeous dresses!

Kim zei

Love McQueen ! Heb maakt me wel altijd een soort van droevig..

julia louise zei

wow! gorgeous. :-)

Hope to see you on my blog again. I buy my new Canon camera this week, so look forward to a renewed "blondis" blog! I hope to see you as a follower on the blog, if you're not already :-I
au revoir.

Sandra Leiva zei

Love the pics, some of them reminds me of L.Gaga, haha <3

Imelda zei

Ziet er geweldig uit!

Aleta Blaise zei

I would so love to see this with my own eyes, ah dreaming

fashionstoned zei

Prachtige collectie!!

joana zei

What a genious!! I miss you 2 honey, how was your date? Your birthday is coming!!

Vera zei

omg! this post is great haha love all these designs xxx

Tine zei

Looks amazing!

My Republic of Fashion zei

This is just majorly stunning. Love......:) SarahD x

Sabrina O. zei

Wauw! Incredible!

Angela zei

O la la!!! Magnifique!!!
C'est tellement beau!!!

Angela zei

Wow! Super!

ngela Donava

Sabrina T. zei

wow this collection is great!AMcQ's style is so special and wonderful!i like so much the design of the dresses!thanks for your comment and would you follow me?i'd be very happy!:)

Marie zei

Wow, these are intense!

***** Marie *****

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