dinsdag 22 februari 2011

Prada Sunglass Illustrations

For their new ‘Minimal-Baroque’ eyewear capsule Spring Summer 2011 collection Prada hired Marcela Gutierres, Andrea Tarella and Ivo Bisignano, to do their sunglasses lookbook,

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Courtney Erin zei

These are too cool!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Diana zei

what fun illustrations! i love these :) xo


Annabel zei

These drawings are incredible! I might have to repost them on my blog...so lovely :)


fashionstoned zei

hahaha deze zijn super leukk!!!


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HippThingz zei

Die zijn heel leuk!


johanna zei

AWESOME!! LOVE this kind of drawing and paintings! You're the best. I'm really thinking about getting my hair short ihih

Kavery zei

Crazy but good! These are so well drawn.

Missy Cheeks zei

Nice drawings :=)
kisses have a nice week.

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