maandag 21 maart 2011

Emma Loves Organic Cotton

Since her feature in the Burberry campaign I love Emma Watson a little bit more then I used to. She has continued to take a stand for ethical fashion by wearing some fair-trade denim hot pants to launch the collection with People Tree. The actress has been vocal about her stance on fair-trade clothing for years.

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Lisanne zei

mooie foto's!
waar vind je die mooie foto's altijd? ;o

Marella zei

Amazing post! Thanks for your sweet comment! <3

Vintagirie zei

Gaaf, ze is echt veranderd en ik vind haar eigenlijk ook leuker ;)

Missy Cheeks zei

thank you :D
I lover her style and personality!!

Sick by Trend zei

she is beautiful! :)


Amélia Delessi zei

Emma is wonderful is she's even better now because of her haircut. The second shot is amazing.

joana zei

She's super gorgeous!

joana zei

Joana loves organic cotton too!

Kaleido Mind zei

i love her pixie cut and her style lately!!

Marie zei

I think she's beautiful and I am looking forward to seeing her collection.:D

***** Marie *****

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