donderdag 10 maart 2011

Giveaway: Kimmidolls

Cute lucky dolls with a message

That is what I think when I hear the name Kimmidolls. A few weeks ago I received a mail if I want to do a giveaway. Of course I want too!
Their products are amazing and I also want to thank my visitors for visiting my blog!
So this is a great way to combine this.

Kimmidolls arise from the love for oriental art and culture. The Japanese Kokeshi doll is the ultimate example for the oriental elegance. Kimmidolls is the modern sister of Kokeshi. The philosophy of the Kimmidoll is to spread and love to the ones that are important to you.

The Kimmidoll collection is based on a series characters who present Love, Success and Friendship.

I have the honor to give three items from the Kimmidoll webshop; a limited dairy from leather and fabric, a pen and a notebook.

The only thing you have to do to win is follow my blog and follow Kimmidoll on twitter(click here)and RT this giveaway.
You have to RT this; I join the giveaway from @kimmidollsNL at

You can join this giveaway until 25 March. This giveaway is open for all my European readers.

15 reacties:

Kavery zei

Very cute. They must bring good luck

Littlefashiolista zei

I follow you on your blog and twitter! I will join your give-away

Lee Oliveira zei

They are very pretty.. Good luck for the winner.
Lee x

Clazzerati zei

wow, they have really gorgeous stuff - i feel a sense of calmness just looking at those cute dolls. Fingers crossed for the win - cute blog btw xx

Sandra Leiva zei

Nice giveaway! <3

Lieke zei

I am in! I am follow you both!

APieceOfCrap zei

Heeeyy, thank you sooo much for the kind words.
And sorry for the very late answer.. :)

Hope you'll like our blog!
Cheers from Sweden

Yaela zei

Ik had ze gezien bij de Oriental in Den-Haag / Spui.
Echt super schattig zijn ze !

Nickie zei

Ik doe graag mee met de give away. Ik volg je en Kimmidolls ook alleen ben ik daar Nicollekel ;)

My Republic of Fashion zei

Those Kimmidolss are just so cute. Enter me! Gonna follow Kimmidoll on twitter now. :)SArahD

Marie zei

These are cute!:D

Too bad I don't have a twitter account...

***** Marie *****

Minke zei

Darling! Super cute stuff. Ik volg ze als het goed is op twitter & jou ook & volg je hier ook =).
Count me in!

Petra zei

Supercute!! Ik doe zeker mee :)

DalaLuz zei

These are so cute :-) I'm off to go RT!

Simone zei

Jaaahh heb natuurlijk meegedaan :D

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