donderdag 7 april 2011

Fashion Illustrations Week Day 4

I love Swedish fashion designers and fashion labels. And I also want you to meet my favorite Swedish fashion illustrator, Lina Boden. She is using some amazing details on fabric and texture. I think this is amazing and I can watch to these illustrations for hours. You always see something different than you saw before.

Watch her work on her website.

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The white cabbage zei


Day 4 and day 3 are really interesting.

have a nice day


Lieke zei


Jelka zei

those illustrations are awesome!

joana zei

AMAZING once again!!
Noo I didn't bought them yet ahah

Angela zei

J'adore les dessins!!!

Angela Donava

thefashionguitar zei

Beautiful again

xo thefashionguitar

Sandra Leiva zei

Love them! <3

Esther zei

Wauuw, allemaal GETEKEND? ;O
Echt heel mooi!

Sick by Trend zei

stunning illustrations!! :D


Claire and Vasia zei

Amazing sketches!


Isabel zei


My Republic of Fashion zei

Why can I not draw??! These illustrations are beautiful. :)SarahD

Marie zei

How cool!:D

I like the first one.:D

***** Marie *****

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