zaterdag 2 april 2011

Humanoid S/S 2011

I always love the collections from Humanoid, because it is really my style and I love the colors that they use in their collections. At the SS11 collection you have to think about sandstroms, dusty drought, blistering heat and cool night. In short: how to survive the desert.

The colors like dune, salt, nightshade and dry grass are the reflection of the desert. The wind soft the colors with sandwash and fadewash. But there comes the rain and everything is in bloom. Explosions of colors on prints.

I think this collection is sturdy and very female. Besides suede they also used leather in some models.

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CC zei

Is it odd that I am only just hearing about this label? Must check it out asap. :)

Esther zei

Heel leuuk!

Sandra Leiva zei

Love the collection <3

Rachella zei

Leuke foto's!x

anna. zei

wow i'm here for the first time and i really like your blog! nice pictures, interesting notes. :) i know that i will be here very often, so come to me and follow if you want. :)


joana zei

they are indeed very beautiful colors princess!

My Republic of Fashion zei

Those pieces look so easy to wear. Love the fabrics. :)SarahD

Marie zei

I want the bag!:D

***** Marie *****

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