donderdag 14 april 2011

Not Everything Is Waste

What do you need?
-Pencil shaving
-Silver rope

This is what the Australian designer Victoria Mason have thought. She makes necklaces of pencil shaves.
It is handmade from silver with a splash of enamel color.

12 reacties:

Marie zei

This is quite cute!:D

***** Marie *****

SophieSweetVintage zei

Haha, wat een vrolijk idee :D

Carrie zei

woah that is so cool. I could rock that. ;]


The white cabbage zei


uhmmm..... may be for young girls (from 10 -14)


Lieke zei

Wel grappig, maar of ik het zou dragen?

..R May A.. zei

What a cute and quirky idea :)
loving this!! x

Angela zei

Tres original!!!
Angela Donava

Sandra Leiva zei

OMG, that's pretty cool! <3

Vera zei

such a sweet idea :) xx

Sabrina O. zei

Wat leuk zeg! Heel erg apart!
Jammer niet zo easy te DIY'en :p

joana zei

It's a brilliant idea!

Faridah zei

I loved these necklaces. they are so clever.

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