woensdag 4 mei 2011

Fashion Photographer Week Day 3

Katja Rahlwes is a German Fashion photographer based in New York City.

Katja left Germany at the age of 16 for London and moved to Paris in 1988 to study fashion design.

Throughout the years she lived as a professional stylis and part-time photographer. She said that it was like having a husband and a lover.

In 2003 she eventually chose photography over her styling career.

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The white cabbage zei


Mario Testino is the top....something special


Xaviera zei

thanks nog voor je comment! (sorry late respons)

joana zei

I love the first photo sweetie. Yeaah you really should read the book!!

Radiant.MakeUp zei

gorgeous photos!! x

A Heel in Mint zei

Love the photos.Gorgeous :)

Heel in Mint

Catita zei

love her shots!

My Republic of Fashion zei

She takes amazing pictures! I want to be a good photograher! :)SarahD

Closet Fashionista zei

Ooh these are great photos! She's so talented :)

Isabel zei

shes got great shots!

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