woensdag 31 augustus 2011

Love For Details

There is one kind of fashion photos that I really like and that are streetsyle photos. I love the fact that people walking on the street are photographed by photographers.

Last time I especially love the detail photos. Just a photo from a shoe, bag or a belt can be so inspiring. Therefore I want to share you my favorite detail photos. I photographed them myself during a fashion exhibition, while visiting a shop or a fashion show. Hope you like it.

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sahrish shamim zei

lovely collection .... i love first sweeter.....

Eda. zei

Oh that orange skirt with the ruffle I love so much

Eda ♥


Lee Oliveira zei

Oh.. loving those heels.
lee x

My Republic of Fashion zei

Gorgeous pictures. I just love snippets of fashion details. :)SarahD


mooie fotoos. zeker jammer dat je er niet bij was! t regende alleen verschrikkelijk:( miss tot zondag? xxxx Pris

Jessica Weingarten zei

Fantastic post, I love the black pants and orange dress!

Fashionjunky zei

inderdaad mooie foto's! :)


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