woensdag 17 augustus 2011

Prestage Magazine

In April I showed you the new Dutch magazine PS Magazine and last week I received their new issue. They have changed their name into PreStage, but the inside of the magazine is still fabulous.

In this issue there are also a few editorials that really got my attention. Beside that there are also very inspiring interviews. I also met a few new deisgners. Soon I will devote a post to several of them.

I want to thank Puck and Stefanie for sending me this issue. Oh, and I am searching for a camera so that I can make more photos for you.

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sahrish shamim zei

nice post ... i like last pic and neckles wow.......

Sonja zei

Gaaf magazine! Ik had er op een forum over gelezen, en had toen al interesse om het te lezen, maar hoe kom je er precies aan? Is het te koop?

Lee Oliveira zei

I love the photos but what really got my attention are the sketches.
lee x

Marie zei

I wish I could get a copy here!

***** Marie *****

Kavery zei

Love the aesthetic of the mag

Anoniem zei

www.magville.nl sells them online

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