dinsdag 30 augustus 2011

Walter Van Beirendonck Wonderland

The photo that really got my attention in the latest L'Officiel

One of the most important things in my life is to discover new fashion and designers. I really like it when fashion is mixed with art. The meaning behind that means so much more to me than the clothes that is hanging in the Zara or H&M for example. There are a few designers who can really mix fashion and art. Since last week I can add a new designer to my list, the belgian fashion designer Walter van Beirendonck.

I read an interview with him in the Dutch L’Officiel magazine and I was in love. With his designers, his sense of fashion, his way of thinking.

He mainly designs for men but also for women. During his latest collection Walter only designs for the men, but in my eyes some items you can also wear as a woman. This collection is for the Spring/Summer 2012 and is called Cloud 9. In the collection you really see the clouds coming back for example in the backpack. You can also see walking sculptures these are made together with the Viennese artist Erwin Wurm. He really impressed me with his designers and I definitely going to keep an eye on him and his collections.

What do you think of his designs?

5 reacties:

Angela zei

Les photos sont superbes!!!!J'adore!!!!
Анжела Донава

sahrish shamim zei

wow nice pictures ....i like 2nd dress....

Yvet zei

echt apart!
die make up is ook erg gaaf gedaan x

My Republic of Fashion zei

These designs are so unique. I would love to sit through a whole show. :)SarahD

Kavery zei

Very quirky. Would love to see them off the catwalk too!

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