maandag 24 oktober 2011

Vicini Shoe Label

By using Parisian scenery as a backdrop. For the Italian shoe label Vicini photographer Hugues Laurent shot these photos. Starring Kasia Szuberska in youthful and modern looks styled by Felipe Mendes. Because of the windswept hair and natural makeup makes the fresh look complete. I really like the location were the photos are made.

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Lens & anything Else zei

wow...I love the first pair and these shots are really beautiful!


Laura zei

Hi dear Manon,
where do you find all these amazing new brands I have never heard of?? Give me the trick and tips!!

Sandra Leiva zei

I love the last shoes! <3

Catita zei

very pretty shoes specially the last ones!

Diana zei

love these shoes :) and great pics! xo

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