woensdag 7 december 2011

Camilla Norrback Spring Collection

My obsession with Swedish fashion designers. Even though it is still cold outside I am craving for the spring collection. Today I want to share the spring 2012 collection from Camilla Norrback. The collection is called faded memories, fantastic future.

Camilla presented a collection with her retro modern handwriting. Elegant dresses, bold jumpsuits, shoes and bags and even sunglasses. It is colorful but also you see some faded prints in this collection.

What was Camilla her inspiration for this collection?
‘’My inspiration for S 12 comes from the effect of sunlight that over time fades and bleaches fabric into new colors and shades, that shines through a window in an untouched dusty room and fills it with light and shadow. The tender sunrays of early spring and the saturated colors of summer awaken and bind memories from the past with longings for the future.’’

I have to admit that I LOVE the two color bag that you see on the last photo. It is really amazing!!!

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SophieSweetVintage zei

Heel mooi deze collecite. Je hebt echt mijn favorieten eruit weten te halen!

my republic of fashion zei

The 1st dress, I love. The jumpsuit, I love even more! :)SarahD

SteffyRoos zei

Die tas is idd heel gaaf, apart, maar toch wel zo dat je hem vaak kunt dragen. Super! Vind dat eerste jurkje ook heel tof!


Mandy zei

Dat jurkje is vooral erg leuk!

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