maandag 26 december 2011

Weekly Journal

Finally I am free from school. Last week I had my presentations and I submitted all my reports. Besides this it was also my last week of school at my communication study. In February I will start my graduation. But for now it is time to relax, unfortunately for only a few days. Because I have an exam on January 9. Below you see some photos about this hectic week. Enjoy your last week of 2011!

Starting this week with my iPad and a cup of tea in the canteen of school. Preparing my presentation and checking my Facebook.

One of my best friends found this on the internet and send it to me. It really looks amazing and delicious!! Hope that we can (try to ;)) make it soon.

My Christmas nails :D

Christmas present from my nanny family.

After some hectic weeks my classmates and I decided to enjoy a lunch together.

I have to admit that I am addicted to Wordfeud. A friend of mine knows this, so I got this Christmas card from him. In English the text means Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Starbucks makes my day.

Wearing my new scarf from Brrr... more about this brand soon!!

Besides the grey scarf I also got a dark blue scarf from them.

My mother made this photo for me. I really love the shoes and they are moving on the circular mirrors. Very cool or not?

Till next week!
Love, Manon

3 reacties:

Laura_Maradam zei

Darling what's your wordfeud username? :p im also kinda addicted ;) hihi

Myrthe zei

Aaah, die cupcake ziet er heerlijk uit! En wat zien je nagels er prachtig uit voor Kerst!

Ktje zei

Love it!!! Die cupcake moet ook goedkomen lieverd!;) gaan we gauw proberen :D

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