maandag 16 januari 2012

Weekly Journal

I haven't done anything special this week. Made my exam, went to my grandmother, went to work, had a lovely date with a friend, clean my closets and read some books. I love this relaxing time, it was just what I needed. The last weeks were very stressful with a lot of schoolwork to do. The coming week I haven't much on schedule. If you want you can also follow my 366 days photo project. Every day I post a photo on this website. I want to end this weekly journal by announcing the winner of the Brrr scarf. The winner is Minke! Congrats girl, I will contact you today.

I have told you last week that I had an exam on Monday. So Monday morning I went to school early to study a bit.

I saw this quote last week and I want to share it with you. It is about things to do in your life.

Beautiful sweater that I saw in the Grazia. Love the hearts on it.

My new notebook. Love the positive sentences on it.

Perfect morning sky!

I clean up my fashion books and special fashion magazines.

New fashion magazines for some inspiration for the blog.

Working on a new blogpost.

I am in love with the cover of the book that I am reading at this moment.

I ended this week with a sweet friend of mine in Amsterdam. We drink some coffee and tea and have fun chatting. With the receipt we got some sweets with heart shape

Till next week!
Love, Manon.

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Shirley zei

Ah we hebben echt dezelfde smaak. Zag de trui ook en was verliefd! Je nieuwe notebook is ook amazing. Love boekjes <3

HitomiNeko zei

fun pictures~ I like the sweater too ^^

xoxo HitomiNeko xoox

Ktje zei

Ik vind je Boekenkast én die trui heeelemaal geweldig!!! Love it!

Clemens zei

Hai! Ja mooi hè? Mijn favoriet van haar.
Owww heb je examen gehad... ik hoop dat het goed ging brrr! Ik ben je niet vergeten hoor, integendeel, dus ik schrijf je nu snel.
Geniet van deze week! Leuk logje is dit trouwens! Grappig gevarieerd.
Liefs en roosje d'r bij,
Btw dat reageren kon op die plek nog maar nèt, heb er een nieuw gedicht opgezet :) Eindelijk weer.

Kavery zei

I'm seeing a few jumpers with mullet hemlines here too!

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