vrijdag 24 februari 2012

Looks From Humanoid

I have a confession to make, I love luxury clothing items. Like you may I am still a student, so I have not much money to spend on clothes monthly. But I think that when you buy less stuff from H&M for example and more items that are from a better quality you make an invesment.

There is one store in my study city (and favorite cities to shop in The Netherlands) called Humanoid. This is an amazing store full of luxury items. I can walk around in this store for hours and still not be bored.

Today I want to share their new looks for coming spring/summer. Sorry for the overload of photos, but it was hard to make a choose from all the beautiful looks. You can also take a look at the webshop from Humanoid.

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Lovely by Lucy zei

Zooo prachtig, ik kom zeker 1 keer in de week bij de Humanoid winkel in Arnhem hun eigen collectie is ook supermooi!
X Lucy

my republic of fashion zei

I love luxury clothes, too! These look fantastic! :)SArahD

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