donderdag 22 maart 2012

First Dutch Vogue

For years I wish that we had our own Dutch Vogue. And yesterday was the big day, there is a Dutch Vogue! I can tell you that I am so happy with it. The question were which model are going to be in it and what will the cover look like?

Models Ymre Stiekema, Romee Strijd and Josefien Rodermans are on the cover. They are wearing Valentino, Chanel and Acne. I saw some photos of the cover yesterday, but when I saw it in real life I know that it was the right choose.

I really wanted the limited edition with a special box, but I had to work. But my dad was so sweet to get one for me. So thank you dad!

When I browsed through the Vogue I was surprised and happy to see such an amazing editorials and interviews. I think this is a real acquisition for the Dutch fashion magazine world.

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Hilde zei

Ik ben jaloers :(! Wilde ook maar had les tot laat. Achteraf heb ik spijt dat ik niet ben gegaan haha.

Kevser zei

Yaay!! Mooie blogpost en echt cool dat je die editie nog kon krijgen! :) Ik ga zo in Zwolle nog een keer kijken of ze m al hebben, ze hadden m ook hier nog niet :(


Style Servings zei

Aaaah wat gaaf! Ik ben zo benieuwd hoe de NEderlandse Vogue wordt..

Chezzelia zei

ik hoorde dat het veel op de andere vogues lijkt. Mooi! Haha.. ik heb hem nog steeds niet binnen helaas :(

Bodil Huisman zei

Hij is geweldig ik heb ook een special edition gescoord! don't we all love VOGUE? nice blog :)


Phuong zei

ik ben zo benieuwd na de vogue

Travel in Style

Lovely by Lucy zei

Yayyy ben ook heel blij! ;)
X Lucy

AnoBanO zei

Great post :) Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog and follow me back:)


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