maandag 26 maart 2012

Weekly Journal

What was the weather lovely last week. Even though I haven't had time to enjoy it, because I had to work it is so great that everybody is more happy. I think the weather has a big influence on peoples mood.

Last week I had a wedding from one of my colleagues, the first issue of the Dutch Vogue launched, had a party from friends because they are going to marry in two months, had a lovely Saturday evening with one of my best friends and did a little shopping tour on Sunday with my mom! And yesterday I also enjoyed the sun!

Enjoy the photos and this week!

Starting the day with a cappucino.

Gorgeous sunset.

First issue of the Dutch Vogue.

I am very happy with my new blue blazer. I wore it last week with a striped shirt.

Pink nails.

A outfit that I wore last week.

This is a road sign in Copenhagen, my mom send this to me. It is so funny, wish we had this kind of signs in the Netherlands.

I love the perfume from Chanel.

Reading material!

Ben & Jerry with a perfect name! This week I really feel homesick, I miss New York.

Smile :)

Outfit that I wore yesterday

It was a long time ago since I bought a new bag, so when I saw this one that I really liked I decided to buy it :)

Glad that I can wear my Ray Ban again!

I love my new top! :)

Till next week.
With love, Manon

4 reacties:

Shirley zei

Leukkkk! Mooie tas <3

Michiel Steur zei

Wat een leuke diary!

Jan Marcel Blog

Denise zei

Dat boek heb ik ook :D! Super leuk. En Illy cappuccino is echt het lekkerst :).

Lovely by Lucy zei

Mooie kleur nagels, en die Zara tas is leuk!

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