woensdag 4 april 2012

Bandhu Bracelets

I love fashion items with a special meaning. When I came across the bracelets from Bandhu I just fell in love. The bracelets are very special and has a lovely meaning.

Dutch designer Viona van Dijk began as a bag designer but now she has her own accessory brand Bandhu. Bandhu means friendship, friend and guardian in the old Sanskrit lanuage. My friends are very important to me, so I can really identify myself with the name.

You can mix this bracelet with a simple look so that the bracelet really pops out. The bracelets are really classic with a fashion twist. Because of that you can make a statement with your bracelet.

I think that when you wear this item you can really remember the finest moments in life when you are looking at your Bandhu bracelet. I really love the Union Bracelet in grey fine lizard and Union Bracelet in antreciet metallic plain.

Mix and match these bracelets to create a special and unique look.

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Carrie zei

ooo, they're pretty! i like them. i also like how they come in different colors. :D

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Your Lifestyle Guide zei

Mooi zijn ze! Vooral op het laatste plaatje! Like!

Amy McMillan zei

Gorgeous bracelets! X

GlamorousGirl zei



Lidiya zei

All of those bracelets look absolutely gorgeous <3

Lucija zei

I sincerely like your photos and your blog is just gorgeous!!
Sending loads of love and following via Bloglovin :)


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