donderdag 31 mei 2012

Object Colore by Fabrica for Benetton

I think you all know United Colors of Benetton fort heir brightly colored attire. And you need a display system that matched their style. This piece is created by Fabrica. Object Colore is a modular shelving and display system designed to complement the product it’s meant to showcase. You can see a lot of bright colors and geometric shapes. It is a unique way to display your products.

woensdag 30 mei 2012

Neon Nails

I love a bit of neon in my outfit. Just to add some color in it and it makes your outfit pop. Currently I love neon green, pink and blue nails. I love wearing nailpolish(can't remember the day that I wasn't wearing nailpolish. They can also give some attention to your outfit especially when you are wearing all black or all white.

dinsdag 29 mei 2012

Detail Streetstyle Photos

I can't stop starring at the lovely photos and inspiration from Stockholm streetstyle. I have selected my favorite detail photos and hope you like it. These photos don't need any explanation they are simple beautiful!!

Today one of my best friends is going to marry, so this is going to be a very excited and lovely day. Can't wait for it.

maandag 28 mei 2012

Weekly Journal

Goodbye busy weeks and hello busy weeks that are coming. Last week it was very busy at my work. And besides that I was very busy with other stuff. I showed my latest new fashion items last week, and this week I wore a lot of them. Have to say that I really love my new trousers, the prints are amazing.

On Thursday I heard that I have green light form y thesis, that means that I have a go to hand in my final thesis. This weekend I work up the feedback. Just three weeks until I have my defense. Can’t wait for it! On Saturday I worked at my parttime job for the last time. It was a weird feeling, but I can't wait to my next step in the future.

My new sheer blouse from H&M. I love sheer items

My outfit on Tuesday. Lace trousers and coral blouse

Beautiful sky

My outfit of Thursday. Printed trousers with a black blouse on top

Pretty flowers

Sweet kitten from my babysit family

Love my new bag from Vogue with an illustration from Piet Paris on it

Some new beauty items

My outfit on Friday. Lace trousers with a grey blouse. The blouse is oversized, long from the back and short on the front.

Flowers that I get on my last day at my parttime job

Working on my thesis

Time for a drink

Till next week. With love, Manon

zondag 27 mei 2012

Serpens Collection By Qiu Hao

Chinese fashion designer Qiu Hao teamed up with French photographer Matthieu Belin to shoot his collection. The collection carries the name after the Serpens constellation and was meant to pay tribute to it. This is a whole new work of art. The images are as striking and edgy as the clothes, it makes this joint venture a really strong one.

In this collection you can really see a mix of art and fashion, that is what I like about the most of fashion. It is like a little masterpiece when you look at the looks. I can’t stop looking at the mand everytime I see these outfits I discover new details.

zaterdag 26 mei 2012

The Flight Of Spring

Jesse Laitinen captures an ethereal beauty shoot for the latest issue of the Swedish magazine Contributor Magazine. She is wearing drapey fabrics selected by stylist Christopher Insulander. Model Emma Karlsson is a stuning vision with windswept hair. I really like her hair. Her clothes are amazing in the way that she is wearing it. The wind gives an extra dimension to the outfits.