vrijdag 30 november 2012

Beauty With Lara Stone

Besides Doutzen Kroes Lara Stone is one of my favorite Dutch models. Lara reunites with photographer Paolo Roversi for a beauty story featured in the November issue of French weekly M le monde. This is definitely one of the most amazing beauty shot that I have ever seen. The make-up is gorgeous and done by makeup artist Lucia Pica. She creates an artful look focusing on color and conturing. The hair is in balance with this look and it is done by Christian Eberhard. He gives Lara slightly disheveled tresses. The styling is very simple, with a few headpieces.

donderdag 29 november 2012

New Brand: & Other Stories

Maybe you’ve heard about is before but after COS H&M is coming with a luxury brand. This brand is called & Other Stories. But the rest was still a secret. I became very curious to know more about this new brand, because I also love COS and H&M trend.

Finally H&M revealed something about this collection. The coming spring & Other Stories will open their doors in different cities in Europe. Unfortunately not yet in the Netherlands, but hopefully soon they will.

In this store they will sell bags, shoes, accessories, beauty and prêt-à-porter for women. Besides that it is also available online. I am not sure if they are going to sell it in the Netherlands. If they will I will let you know.

The idea behind & Other Stories is to tell your own story and create your personal style. This brand is going to sell affordable clothes with great details and quality. Below you can see a preview video and some photos from the collection. I am curious to hear your opinion about this new brand from H&M.

woensdag 28 november 2012

Streetstyle Inspiration

Street style photos definitely are one of the biggest inspirations for my daily looks. I love to see more photos from different persons, from different countries and have different styles.

It is great to see who people mix fashion items together. For me it also means mix and match my items. I love to combine different items and styles together. I think that is the best part about fashion, you can do what you like. Dress who you want to be!!

For today I will leave you with some inspiring fashion looks. Hope you like it.

dinsdag 27 november 2012

Urban Nomads By Kristy Nagel

Today I want you to meet the brand Urban Nomads from stylist Kristy Nagel. She creates this brand during her education and she graduated with this brand. I think her scarves are amazing. And as you may know I love stars, her scarves suit me.

Her first collection was inspired on homeless youth and she wanted to represent heat, safety, comfort and protection. These items are also the needs for her collection. You can buy her scarves in different colors and prints. And she is aware of the fact that her items are not finished. That makes every item unique.

I am curious to hear your opinion about these scarves. I really want to add a grey one to my wardrobe. It would be great to combine with my favorite leather jacket and my blazers.

maandag 26 november 2012

Weekly Journal

I am so happy because I have my Samsung Galaxy S3 back. It works again and when I got it back I realized how much I missed it. This week my weekly journal is a bit short but now I have my phone back you can expect more next week.

This week I shot some gorgeous photos of the sunrise. I love shooting photos of the sky, clouds, sunrise and sunset. It gives me peace and silence. I just love nature.

Besides that I saw the most amazing book with great photos about Lee McQueen. It just looks like I find all kind of amazing books about McQueen lately. I will leave you with a few photos and see you next week!!

Amazing sunrise

Fall in the Netherlands

Reading some fashion magazines

Love this book about Lee McQueen

Great quote

zondag 25 november 2012

The Book About Alexander McQueen

Last week I’ve told you about the new book about the life of Alexander McQueen. As a huge fan I decided to order this book. I’ve waited for almost two weeks, but it was worth waiting. I really love this book. You can see a lot of stories in it, but also some photos.

That is a thing that I really love; a mix of photos and text. Perfect in balance and great to read and see photos at the same time. McQueen is one of my examples and I am so happy with this book. For me every collection from McQueen means a lot, so it is great to read more stories about the man behind it.

zaterdag 24 november 2012

Marc By Marc Jacobs Shoes

The bags and shoes from Marc By Marc Jacobs are my favorite when you ask me. I have four bags from Marc Jacobs, a wallet and a pair of shoes. I am still craving for the famous mouse ballerina. The black one are amazing. When I was in New York they were on sale, but unfortunately they weren’t in my size.

Hopefully I will add this pair of shoes soon to my collection, because I am in love with them for more than five years. So I think it is true love.

All shoes are from Spartoo ('schoenen')

vrijdag 23 november 2012

Barfly By Scotch And Soda

Last summer I was in New York and one of the things that I noticed that a lot of fashion stores have their own perfume. My favorite store Maison Scotch also has their own perfume called Barfly.

Barfly is the signature fragrance of Scotch & Soda. Much like the clothes, this scent has its own character and is full of details.

Every time when I went to the store I smell this perfume and I got used to the smell. I decided to buy this perfume; it smells great on my skin. But it is also lovely to spray on your clothes. Hereby I carry my favorite brand with my every day. Not only because I wear their clothes often, but also the lovely smell.

donderdag 22 november 2012

Fashion And Interior Inspiration

It is a while ago since I’ve posted some inspiration photos. Lately I love browsing on Pinterest for hours. It is great what you find there. You see so many inspiring photos. And almost every time I really want to photograph more photos. It is such an inspiration. Also the fact that you can see different styles on Pinterest is great.

I will leave you with a mix of fashion and lifestyle. Hope you enjoy it.

woensdag 21 november 2012

Customize Your Bag With AndBags

As you know a bag make your outfit complete. Today I want to share an amazing concept with you, called And Bags. You can make your own bag with your own style. It is a customized bag. I am in love with this concept, because a lot of the time I see a bag that I really like. But I would love to add some personal details to the bag.

You can create your own bag in three simple steps: choose the model that you like, pick a color that fits you and add some personal details to it. Very simple, but you have your own bag very quick.

I would love to own a personal bag, because I love to wear items that no one has. So I think this is a great concept.

Below you can see a few bags that you can choose from.