maandag 28 januari 2013

Weekly Journal

A new week means new challenges and that is what I love about a new week. This week I had a great time at my work and also with my study. I got some great marks, so that makes me very happy. I am so happy that I choose this new job and study. It makes my life complete and I couldn't be any happier.

And also the tempatures are rising, that means wearing my new spring clothes soon :) I already bought a few new items. So let the spring begin. This season of the year always makes me very happy. Have a nice week and enjoy every second!

Make every day a happy day!

Delicious cake made by my mom

I like the music of this band

Black and white

Some reading material

Love shoes

Detail of my new blouse from Maison Scotch

Doing the thing that I love, reading a book

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Leuk meis! Ik had nog niet gereageerd, maar datum is goed! Heb in mijn agenda gezet! 3 keer is scheepsrecht haha. Tot snel!

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