donderdag 31 januari 2013

New Brand: OSI Femmes

A while ago I was looking at my closet and I realized that most of the clothes that I am wearing for years are the ones from brands like Marc ‘o Polo, Maison Scotch, Modstrom and brands like that.

It is time to invest in clothes with a great quality. When I was at the Modefabriek I bumped into the brand OSI femmes. And I have to admit I fell in love. The fabrics, the shapes, the clothes, the whole collection; I love it. It is really my style and the products felt great. It will be a great investment to buy some clothes from this brand.

OSI Femmes stands out in simplicity, which is the keyword of my wardrobe. OSI know how to dress and be aware of the trends. The collection breathes passion, creativity and the designs are made with a heart.

Today I want to show you the spring summer collection. The blouse, cardigan, trousers and sweater are really my favorite. The fabric of these items is timeless and the quality is perfect. I think when you add these items to your wardrobe its makes it complete and ready to go. Spring and summer here we come!

ps. soon I will show you the AW 2013 collection from OSI Femmes

woensdag 30 januari 2013

Marc By Marc Jacobs Shoes SS 2013

I think that everyone love shoes. In my opinion, shoes make your outfit. I am always searching for the perfect shoes and especially the shoes that have a little detail.

Maybe you know that I’m a huge fan of the shoes from Marc Jacobs. I still hope that one day I will own a pair of mouse flats. They are just perfect and match every outfit.

But when I received the latest shoe collection from Marc by Marc Jacobs in my mailbox I saw another pair that got my attention. And they are really pretty. In my hat I already made some outfits with these shoes. Now I have to choice; these shoes or the mouse flats. It is a hard choice. The first pair is the shoes that I am talking about. You can also see some other shoes.

All shoes are available at Spartoo ("schoenen")

All shoes above are from Marc by Marc Jacobs.

dinsdag 29 januari 2013

Collection From Nikkie Plessen

Last Modefabriek Nikkie Plessen launched her first clothing collection. I was in love with the clothes, but when I saw this collection I fell in love. It is a great collection and I think that the collection really match my style.

My favorite items are the shirts with text and the baseball jacket. The mixed of blue and grey is lovely. The best thing is that you can mix and match all the items together and create different outfits! I think Nikkie Plessen did a great job with this collection! Can't wait to see it in my closet ;-)

maandag 28 januari 2013

Weekly Journal

A new week means new challenges and that is what I love about a new week. This week I had a great time at my work and also with my study. I got some great marks, so that makes me very happy. I am so happy that I choose this new job and study. It makes my life complete and I couldn't be any happier.

And also the tempatures are rising, that means wearing my new spring clothes soon :) I already bought a few new items. So let the spring begin. This season of the year always makes me very happy. Have a nice week and enjoy every second!

Make every day a happy day!

Delicious cake made by my mom

I like the music of this band

Black and white

Some reading material

Love shoes

Detail of my new blouse from Maison Scotch

Doing the thing that I love, reading a book

zondag 27 januari 2013

Modefabriek AW2013

Like every January, it was time for the Modefabriek. I always love to see the new collections, meet new brands and have fun with my Modefabriek partner in crime Shirley. It is great to have friends who have the same interest in fashion. Sometimes we talk about a fashion item for an hour. Ok, back to the story of this blogpost.

Below I want to share some of the highlights from the new collection. I will discuss some brands separately. Hope you will enjoy these photos and will be inspired by the new collections.

zaterdag 26 januari 2013

Amsterdams Blauw By Scotch And Soda

Yesterday you could read about the latest Maison Scotch collection. Besides this collection they also have their Amsterdams Blauw collection. In this collection you see a lot of denim. I am still searching for the perfect denim blouse and I think I will end my search this season.

The items are very wearable and you can mix them with the items from the Maison Scotch collection. I have already seen a few items in store and the shapes are lovely. So I will make my own wishlist and run to the store soon!