woensdag 23 juli 2014

New in: shoplog Promiss

I think every girl loves to shop. Currently it was a while ago since I really shopped. Sometimes I buy a little thing: like a dress of a top. But now I decided to shop some items that I missed in my closet: like a white blouse, a colored tshirt and a grey singlet.

When I did my casual shopping round with all the shops that I like. I saw these three items in the Promiss webshop. The white blouse is perfect for colder summer days and in the winter with a warm cardigan. The tshirt is nice above a grey or white pair of trousers and the singlet is good to wear under a blouse of cardigan. I am very happy with all the things that I bought.

They currently have sale at the webshop from Promiss. So you better take a look to see if there are some things that you really like.

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