zaterdag 25 april 2015

Are You Ready For Spring Summer?!

A while ago I read a text that said: life is too short to not buy those shoes. I had to giggle a little bit when I read it. Because that kinda is my life motto. I think shoes finish the outfit. Like every season I made a shoe wishlist. It sounds kinda silly, but I really like to finish my outfit with the perfect shoes. For today the three top shoes for the spring and summer.

The spring and summer are coming the boots can go into your clothes closet and the sandals and espadrilles can say hi again.

For espadrilles I would advice to go for a pair with a natural color and one with a print, like these. So that is it easy to combine with a basic outfit and a special outfit. I already have two pair of shoes on my wishlist.

And than you have the pumps. In my opinion you can wear it every season, because you find pumps in totally different styles. Not only in summer, but also in the winter pumps are really sexy. For the summer I would advice to take a nude pair or a neon color, like pink. Under a dress or boyfriend jeans it would give your outfit more spice.

Last but not least: the sandals. I have to admit that I have a love and hate relationship with this type of shoes. Lately I decided that this season I will find the perfect pair of sandals. Especially because I would like to wear them below the maxi dresses that I have in my clothes. I think I have found them, look at this pair, I love them!

Hope you will have a lot of shoe inspiration for the spring and summer. Take a look at my Pinterest Streetstyle bord for more shoe inspiration. Which shoes do you have on your wishlist?

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