woensdag 6 mei 2015

Find The Perfect Summer Footwear

Last week I talked about the spring/summer shoe trends. Today I will look at one trend in particually: the sandals and slippers. Celebs are making a trend with a lot of pleasure. And I think after reading this blog you would also!

When you have to choose a new pair of summer footwear I can imagine that you are overwhelmed by the amount of choices that you have. Hopefuly after reading this post you know which summer footwear you will add to your shoecloset.

If you prefer to wear the sandals to your work. I would say that you better go for a more wearable pair. Because you don’t want your slippers to feel uncomfortable at the end of the day.

But after you finish work and the sun is still shining I would recomment you to wear a more relaxing pair. A strap can be nice to wear when you have to walk quick. But when it is relaxing time a metallic look is much nicer.

Every women knows that when you go shopping it will be an active day. And I know a few men will disagree. But when I go shopping with my friends I also wear a comfortable pair, the pair of shoes that you wear for ages and you know they won’t hurt. But in the summer wearing a pair of sneakers for example will make you feet get warm. So when it is a shopping day and the sun is shining a lot I prefer to wear slippers with arch support. And yes I have a few of them in my closet, so I always have the best matching pair to complete my outfit.

Lately you also see a lot of sport slippers on the streetstyle photos. What is your opinion about it? I really don’t know yet. When I first saw them I thought about swim slippers, and I don’t have an opinion about it now. When it fits your style you should wear it, but is doesn’t fit my style.

I think we have discussed a few scenarios where you can wear different pairs of sandals and slippers. Think we only forgot one important summer event to wear slippers: the beach. I prefer to wear slippers with a neutral color so that you can wear a lot of different outfits with it. But a printed pair is nice to have in your shoe closet.

If you are looking for a more special slippers, you can design your own flip flops!

Hope you are inspired to choose your perfect pair of sandals and/or slippers for the coming summer/spring season.

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