maandag 11 mei 2015

Make Your Own Bag By Miss Tulin

I think I speak for most of the women that we love bags. For myself, I can’t see my life without bags. It is the eye-catcher (besides shoes) of your outfit. And it said something about your personality. My bag collection kept growing the last years and to say goodbye to one of my bags is very hard for me. But when I leave my parents house to go live on my own it was time to take a good look at my bags collection. I decided to give a lot of bags away and keep a small collection of 40 bags (still a lot I know).

When I looked at my bag collection I missed the perfect brown bag. About three years ago I started this search and I had found one bag. But after a few months the bag fall apart. So it was time for a new one. Since that brown bag I hadn’t found one.

This was a introduction to something very cool that I did. I made my own bag!!! I think that is the dream of every women. Make your own bag that fits your wishes and style. When I heard about this I got pretty excited and after a mailconversation with the owner of this cool concept the date was picked. Via Ann from Miss Tulin I made a gorgeous bag. I will tell you about the evening and bag workshop!

We arrived at 17.30 at the beautiful house of Ann. Our first drink was a nice alcoholic free cocktail (that was nice because I had to drive home). And after some talking and meeting with the other people it was time for dinner. We had an Indonesian cook and I can tell you that the food was delicious!! After this it was time for the real work!

We went downstairs and enter the workshop space. It was a nice space with a lot of inspiration and also a LOT of leather. In different colors, different patterns, different sizes. It was like heaven! You could chose a bag in different models so make. I decided to go for a laptop size, so that I can use it every working day. Like I told you in the introduction I wanted a brown bag.

It was a hard job to find the perfect brown color and also I doubt a little bit about brown, because there were so much nice colors. But I wanted a brown bag, so I has to be a brown bag. I picked a cognac brown color and a light brown color with a pattern. This was the hardest job of the workshop. But when this was done it was time to cut every piece of the bag. You needed to take the shape of one piece and trace it on the leather. After that you needed to cut it with a scissor. This took around 1,5 hours I think. When this was done you decide what the lining would be, I choose a neon pink color. And for the buckles I choose matt silver.

And than my bag was done! Ok, not my whole bag. Because your bag is put in each other by bag makers. So after two long weeks of waiting the time was there that my bag was done!! And I can tell you that I am REALLY happy with the result. The bag is perfect, the colors are great and I love it very much. Think this is going to be my favorite bag and also there is only one piece of it in the whole world. I think that is the most cool thing!

Take a look at the website of Ann and get inspired by her workshop! I would recommend this to everyone. Below you can see my bag.

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Ann Elenbaas zei

It was very special to have you in our #bag studio in Lunteren Manon, at our #tassenclinic event to create your own business bag! I really like the combination of colours. Be very happy with your bag and hope to meet you again!

With love,

Ann Elenbaas,

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