woensdag 13 mei 2015

Meet My Glasses From Ace And Tate

I work around 8 hours per day behind the computer sometimes even more. And for some time I got a headache after I was sitting behind the computer for more than 3 hours. So I decided that I wanted to try glasses. I think glasses are a fashion item and it also needs to fit your style. So I was searching on the internet for the perfect pair and found the brand Ace & Tate. For €98 you have glasses and lenses on your strength.

What they tell about their brand on their website: Ace & Tate is in the business of making glasses a fashion accessory instead of (just) a medical instrument. We inspire people to “change their glasses as often as they would change their sneakers” and our customers seem to be responding to that suggestion. We have learned that best-in-class storytelling is key to building a brand and are therefore looking for someone to take on that responsibility full time.

I really agree with this. It is a fashion item and because of the price you will buy more than one pair of glasses. I visit their showroom where an optician is present. So that is very handy, so you don’t have to go to two places. When my eyes are measured I picked a few glasses. After having two left, the Elwood and Art model I decide to go for the Art model in the Indian Summer color. I ordered the glasses online and after 4 working days I received it in a leather box. I am very happy with it and hopefully I can add other pair or sunglasses to my collection ☺

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